What We Are About

Hello there, and welcome to the T.V. Trey Podcast, a talk show for binge watchers and film addicts! If you are still wondering what we do here and why, let me give you the short, yet detailed origin story!

Though the podcst is nearing 20 episodes , the idea has been in the works since the beginning of 2018. Being a hardcore cinephile -- a person who is fond of motion pictures -- I was highly encouraged to look into creating a podcast and I thought long and hard about it. After making some contacts, I went through logo designs with Co-Creator/Graphic Designer Emilie Joelle and podcast structure with Co-Creator/Sound Editor Ethan Kirkpatrick. After careful planning, researching, and advertising, the podcast is now up and running! 

From classics to currents, from Oscar winners to Emmy winners, from the highly praised to the underrated, this podcast is dedicated to the depth of film and television! This includes but it not limited to: Philosophy, spirituality, theology, religion, politics, adaptations, story-telling, world building, and character development!

Here at the T.V. Trey Podcast, we do our best to allow different and diverse opinions. All guests and participants on the show welcome each other's thoughts with open minds and ears. If you have any comments, feedback, or questions, leave a comment on social media or send us an email in the contact section! For more podcast updates and news, you can follow us on Twitter, FacebookInstagram, and Reddit! Enjoy the show! 

Your Podcast Host,

Trey Anthony